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    LGBTQ Podcasts You Need in Your Life

    Of course I wouldn’t be an intellectual urban elite if I didn’t listen to a ton of podcasts and NPR. Here are a few of my favorite queer podcasts.

    The Queer History Podcast

    Being the nerd that I am, I love learning about history. Particularly moments that aren’t taught in school. The Queer History Podcast has been a total delight. And if history lessons are normally a turnoff for you, the hosts Dakota and Dylan keep it casual and conversational. Their commentary is totally relatable. Nerds are just like us. While not the most uplifting topic, their episode on the Upstairs Lounge Fire really stood out to me. This was a tragic attack on a gay bar in New Orleans in 1973. Plus, they did an outstanding job covering Frida Kahlo, one of my favorite artists.


    Okay, I apologize for the educational suggestions. School’s out. Get a good dose of entertainment and LGBTQ topics with Nancy. Hosts Kathy and Tobin are totally playful while discussing some at times rather serious issues. Check out the episode “Does Your Boss Know You’re Gay?” about being out in the workplace and the potential problems it can cause.

    More Perfect

    More Perfect is a spin-off show from RadioLab about Supreme Court cases. It’s not a queer podcast but I stumbled upon it by chance this week playing on NPR. It so happened to be the story of Lawrence v. Texas, the landmark case that struck down sodomy laws. Aside from the fact that it involves gay rights and Texas, I found the backstory extremely interesting and unexpected. Now that I’ve discovered it, I can’t wait to dive into more episodes. But you at the very least should check out the Lawrence v. Texas episode.