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    Queer Music Club: Rostam’s Half-Light

    It’s no secret I’m obsessive about music. I’ve decided to share more of my love with this new series, Queer Music Club. I’ll be offering quick highlights of new releases by queer artists and maybe revisiting some classics.

    Album: Half-Light

    Who: Rostam – former member of Vampire Weekend and the hitmaker behind tracks by Charli XCX, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Haim among others.

    What’s it like: A lo-fi dreamscape recalling broken relationships, youth, and days spent in waiting.

    Stand out tracks: Bike Dream, Half-Light, Rudy, Gwan

    Lyrics for your Instagram captions:

    “Two boys, one to kiss your neck

    And one to bring you breakfast” – Bike Dream

    “And sometimes I laugh

    When I think about how you know me

    Yeah, you know me” – Gwan

    Where you’re most likely to hear it: NPR, your hipster hook up’s apartment.

    Why you should listen to it: While there may be echoes of Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot, Rostam’s hushed vocals and intimate musings make for refreshing sounds. Give it a listen and you’ll feel artsy and reinvigorated after a summer of Despacito.