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Be Gayish

A few weeks ago, I came across the Instagram account for Be Gayish and entered a giveaway for a baseball cap. I was surprised to find out I won and soon received a black cap with the colorful logo on it. Be Gayish baseball caps are popping up all over Instagram as the brand’s social media presence has grown. I reached out to the brand’s creator Chele to get the inside scoop on her celebration of inclusivity.

Chele created Be Gayish as not just a brand but a movement to provide support and awareness for the LGBTQ community, especially transgendered people. She found herself in Baltimore in May of 2016, around the same time as the murders of a gay man and a transgender teen occurred. When these incidents didn’t seem to be resolved, she felt disheartened and decided to take a stand for those who have no voice in our community.

At the moment you can find Be Gayish hats in multiple colors, a vibrant way to stay visible in the current political climate. But next year, the sale of Be Gayish hats will fund a scholarship for transgendered high school students looking to attend college.

Get your own Be Gayish hat and follow the brand on Instagram.

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