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How to Stay in Love on a Trip With Your Boyfriend

How to Stay in Love on a Trip With Your Boyfriend

Back in February, my boyfriend and I took our very first trip together. It’s an exciting milestone in a new relationship. Like a trip to IKEA, if you survive a vacation together it can strengthen your bond. Here are my tips to help you stay in love.

Split up the planning process

Don’t be a dictator, let the boyfriend have a say in your plans. Unless he’s the organized one, in which case be a doll and help out. Planning a trip is stressful enough without worrying if your partner will enjoy it as well.

Compromise your itinerary

You’re excited about the trip and the places you’ll go, but remember that your partner is, too. In fact, he might be jazzed for entirely different reasons than you. While you’re still in the planning phase, you should each make a list of places you want to go and then compare the two. Make sure your final itinerary is pretty even between both your picks.  

Establish some boundaries

Some people think it’s a good idea to schedule some alone time on trips. I’m definitely not one of those people but I do think it’s a good idea to establish some ground rules on privacy. This all depends on your comfort level of course. No matter the relationship, I like to keep a nice level of secrecy when it comes to my bathroom time. Whether it’s grooming, showering, or doing your business, work something out so you can have comfortable privacy while staying on schedule.

Schedule date time

Sure, the entire vacation is like one long date but with so much activity, it’s easy to skip the romance. Schedule at least one dinner at a nice restaurant and drinks at a fancy cocktail bar. It’s the perfect time to check in on each other and a reminder to be grateful for the experience you’re sharing.

Split up responsibilities

Along with splitting up the planning of the vacation, share the responsibilities. Don’t let your partner be solely responsible for navigating a new city, you’ll be on the fastest route to resentment. Even if he’s more comfortable taking the reins, offer to help out. Alternatively, you can each manage a task you’re better at. In Mexico City, I was able to make use of my fluency in Spanish to handle talking with servers and Uber drivers. My boyfriend handled the task of mapping out our journeys.

Keep track of expenses

Agree on how you’ll be splitting up costs. It may not be easy for both partners to cover half of all the expenses, so come up with something that feels fair to both of you.

Get a glimpse into our romantic getaway.

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