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Connect With These Online LGBTQ Communities

Let’s ignore the elephant in the room and say that you’re probably longing for some social interaction today, of all days. Regardless of any *cough* pandemics *cough* keeping you locked indoors for weeks at a time, it’s not unlikely for LGBTQs to face loneliness. It’s not like gay men are twice as likely to be depressed as straight men or 2.6 times as likely to live alone. If for some reason, you’re feeling disconnected or in need of friendship and community, don’t worry, the internet’s here for you. Here’s a list of online communities where everyone’s gay, too.

Slack Groups

Basically all of my career has been in tech, so I’m always on the hunt for LGBTQ networking groups. If you’re in tech, you know Slack is the tool du jour for the industry. Here are a couple of tech communities you can join on Slack. 

LGBTQ in Tech

This community provides a space for LGBTQ people in technology to chat and support each other. Out of all the Slack groups I’m in, this one has the most channels definitely offering something for everyone. Aside from professional conversations, you’ll find channels devoted things like to beach goings, asmr, and Disney. 

Out in Tech

This non-profit boasts over 30,000 members and 15 chapters across the country. They host networking and education events if you’re interested in learning more about a career in tech. Currently the group is hosting online events every night at 9pm ET/6pm PST. RSVP to join.

WFH Happy Hour*

While this isn’t an LGBTQ specific group, it is a fun social Slack community for those who work from home. Almost every day an online happy hour will be kicked off by a few people in different channels. There isn’t currently an LGBTQ channel in the group, there’s no reason not to start one!


This is one of my favorite communities, although it’s also not exclusively LGBTQ. This group for Latinxs in tech has been very active and inclusive in my experience. Their Slack community also has plenty of channels for almost every group and locale and does have an active LGBTQAI channel.

Online Forums

If you want to go into old school forums, these communities offer a place to discuss mental health and find support.


I’ll be honest, it’s been a long time since I was a teenage queer, and while cultural attitudes have shifted, it’s still not always the easiest for young people to find their tribe. This community offers a space for young people between the ages of 13-24 to get advice and support, join groups based on their interests, and make new friends.

Empty Closets

This community offers a forum with ongoing discussions and chat rooms mostly for those in the process of coming out or working to build a solid support group of LGBTQ friends. The community originated in 2004 as a safe space for LGBTQ teens but now welcomes members of all ages.

Therapy Tribe

Research shows that LGBTQ individuals are at higher risk for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Whew. The LGBTribe offers peer-to-peer support groups for mental health issues and lets members participate in wellness challenges, access tools to help them on their journey, and connect with therapists.

LGBT Community Support: Caregiving for our Families and Friends

With a large aging population, many of us probably have older parents we’re having to care and provide for. This support group offers a place for LGBTQ people to discuss the unique issues of caring for loved ones who are living with chronic health issues. Unlike the other groups on this list, this one is fully email based.

Whether you’re suddenly seeking connection or you’ve been self-isolating since before it was cool, hopefully you’ll find yourself at home in one of these online communities. Already a member of an online community you love? Let me know! And if you see me in one of these groups, feel free to reach out!

LGBTQ Online Communities