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Disney Prince Hair

I have what’s been described as “Disney Prince Hair.” I take it as a compliment.

Prince Eric's hair style

Eric is so dreamy.

When I go to the salon, I always ask for a pompadour similar to Morrissey’s. In fact, I’ve taken his photo in multiple times.

Morrissey's hair style

But my hair is too curly to ever look that way. Also, let’s be honest, I’m just not edgy enough to let my hair reach its full height. I’m preppy, and I accept it. Which is how we get “Disney Prince Hair.”

I’m currently overdue for a hair cut and having a puffy mess on my head is stressing me out. It’s time for a cleaner, shorter, ‘do. I’m really drawn to this style from GQ’s guide to (last) summer’s hair styles:

hair style from slideshow

It’s kind of a pompadour but nicely restrained. What hair style are you currently sporting? Who’s your hair inspiration?

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