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Planet of the Queens

Hi gays,

I’m really excited to share this project on the blog! A few weeks ago, my friends and I decided to put together a video for Fantastic Fest’s Bumper Contest. To brainstorm, we took a look at an art book that featured pulp fiction book covers. I mentioned that I really wanted to work on a video with drag queens and how cool I thought it’d be to just have a street full of drag queens watering their lawns. The project was born.

After all the excitement, I realized the theme for the contest was “Intergalactic Fantastic.” With that in mind, we decided to title it Planet of the Queens and add some visual effects to give the impression of being on a different planet.

Nothing can ever be that easy, though. Every person we asked to be in the video declined. #deadtome Luckily, I forced my friend Robert, who was visiting for the weekend, to don a wig and dress. He actually gives a spectacular performance. At the 11th hour, we were hooked up with Daniel Rugg Webb, who was amazing and so awesome and I just want to walk around in green glitter lips and be him every day. I filled out the cast and make a small appearance in the video.

Some power lesbians even loaned us their house and front yard for our location. I couldn’t be more appreciative of their generosity.

Once it was done, I spammed the internets to drum up some votes for the contest. It was rather embarrassing and self promotional but I suffer for my art.

To my surprise, my team failed to make it into the 5 finalists of the competition. Wah wah wah. Luckily though, the rules were slightly altered and our video was shown at Fantastic Fest screenings after all. Which is essentially what I wanted, anyway. Except I also wanted to win. Because winning is everything, amiright?

Is it time for a sequel yet?

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