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A Birthday Comes Once A Year

My birthday is a big deal to me. Even though I normally feel a sense of shame and worry about getting older, I do enjoy a party that’s all about me. Having a birthday so close to Halloween usually gives me an excuse to also celebrate my favorite holiday in a big way. This year, I decided to host a classy gothic affair to mourn the death of my 20s.

Most Halloween decor goes the cheesy or comedic route, but the look I was going for was inspired more by photos of pagan and cult rituals. I mean, I do live in a den of homosexual sin so why not go big, right? My costume was sort of a mash up of a demon and Maleficent with tall horns that kept crashing into doorways all night long, forcing me to creep into rooms in a way that really added a performance aspect to the outfit.

Sure, there was a Ouija Board area, a tarot card reading station, and who can forget the Treehouse of Horrors, but my personal favorite moment of the night was the roast. Yes, that’s right. I picked a few of my closest friends to share embarrassing stories about me and make fun of whatever it is I do that drives them nuts and yet somehow keeps them cuddled up to me. Two of my roasters live in different states and so kindly submitted videos. We opened the session with a video from my college ex-boyfriend’s mother. I know, it’s a genius comedy move. We were pretty close and I always respected and admired her wisdom.

Throwing parties like this really does drain me with the amount of Pinterest-level effort I try to put in, but it’s nice to do something fun for some of the best people I know. Even on my birthday, I am such a giver.

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