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Flatlay photo of the Man Who Invented Rock Hudson and A Single Man books

imageBetween the 9 to 5, Austin blogging, gay blogging, house flipping, and film projects, I rarely have time to read things that aren’t under 140 characters. Basing my literary diet on blogs and magazines has left me feeling rather dumb lately, so I’ve decided to get back into mental shape by making some time to read real books.

Since I have an obsession with becoming a power gay, I decided to find books on powerful gay men I can learn from. The Man Who Invented Rock Hudson tells the tragic story of gay Hollywood agent Henry Wilson. If you were curious, he invented Rock Hudson. The title says so. I’ll be blogging about this book as I read it.

The second book I bought is Christopher Isherwood’s novel A Single Man. The film version directed by Tom Ford is by far one of my favorites. I’m hoping the novel becomes a favorite as well.

Also, in an eBook world, buying real books is super fun.

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