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Holiday Outfits

There are certain things about the holiday season that I really dread – struggling to find gifts and giving in to so many sweets. But what I love most about this time of year are the parties. Holiday parties are the perfect excuse to dress up, which is rare in a relaxed city like Austin. Every year I commit to more parties than humanly possible all in an effort to wear as many stylish outfits as I can.

We’re still a few days away from Christmas, so I might still have some events on my calendar, but here’s a peek at my outfits so far.

Holiday Outfit #1 - the yachtsman

 Holiday Outfit #1 – The Yachtsman

The holiday season started with my company party, which featured a Hawaiian theme. I’ll admit to being pretty hesitant at first, I mean “holiday” IS the theme am I right? But I decided to stop being a stick in the mud and go for it. It was a little late in the game to find a decent Hawaiian shirt without having ordered something, so I went with a nautical theme and wore a yachtsman inspired outfit.


Holiday outfit #2 - plaid plaid world

Holiday Outfit #2 – Mad About Plaid

The following weekend, I had a chance to dress more appropriately at my friend’s Chrismukkah party followed by a night out at the gay cocktail lounge Highland. The weather was a little humid and warm, which foiled my plans to wear layers.


Holiday outfit #3 - Fair Isle of Cardigan

Holiday Outfit #3 – Fair Isle of Cardigans

For the third weekend in December, my night featured a cocktail party at a neighbor’s house and my boot camp’s holiday party. Luckily the night was chilly so I got to bust out a chunky cardigan. And yes, the boot camp party featured push up and pull up contests. It’s exactly what you imagined.


I’ll be spending the Christmas holiday in my hometown, which is pretty small and mostly rural. That’ll definitely influence my outfits and I can’t wait to play dress up a few more times.

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