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Queer Music Club: “Homotopia” by Sam Vance-Law

Who: Sam Vance-Law

Album: Homotopia

What’s it like: A queer dreamscape that mixes indie rock with operatic ballads.

Standouts: Wanted To, Let’s Get Married, I Think We Should Take It Fast

Lyrics for your Instagram captions:

Please do not ask
Why I asked him to dance
I still cannot explain
But I think that it was just
Cause I wanted to
– Wanted To

Yeah I saw you in the club
And I knew that I loved you
– Let’s Get Married

All the straight boys want him
And all the pretty girls wanna look just like him
Cause he’s fine
– Prettyboy

Where you’re most likely to hear it: Your hipster hook-up’s Spotify playlists, a Berlin coffee haus

Why you should listen to it: The album features beautiful vignettes of queer lives that are often ignored by mainstream pop and have yet to be commercialized for mass audiences. Settling into relationships, coming out in middle age, relationships with inappropriate age gaps are all explored to the soundtrack of swooning orchestral arrangements and lo-fi indie rock.

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