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How to Stay Friends on Your Gaycation

How to Stay Friends on Your Gaycation

Going on vacation is always better when you’re rolling with your gaggle of gays. I like to think of myself as an expert traveler, so here are my tips for keeping your friendships intact on a group excursion.

Be free

Keeping your crew together at all times is impossible. With a large group, remember that everyone will have different priorities and interests. The shower show at the local gay bar might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Be flexible and understanding. Don’t be a drag by insisting that everybody stay together.

Make some solid plans

Of course you should definitely schedule a few group activities, though. Before setting out on your trip, agree as a whole on a few things that everyone can get into. Even if it just means making a dinner reservation for the entire group. And you’ll want to make reservations to avoid waiting on a table for five on a busy Saturday night.

Leave no man behind

It’s easy to get distracted in a group setting, but always make sure everyone is accounted for. Nothing makes someone feel more left out than being forgotten when the group heads out. Make an agreement with your bestie to always keep track of each other.

Count it out

The easiest way to ruin a good vacation is squabbling over costs. If you can agree to split costs more or less evenly, you can simplify by taking turns covering payments and settling up at the end of the trip. Lay out the rules from the beginning and get ready to play the Splitwise game. Pro tip: Input your expenses immediately so you don’t forget and you tag the appropriate people.

Get personal

Even though you’re in a group setting, it’s important to get personal with all of your friends individually. I like to make sure I sit next to a different person at every meal or gathering. During down time, I’ll choose a different friend to hang out with. The worst feeling is getting home from a group trip and feeling like you barely even spoke to a friend you rarely see.


Before setting out on your adventure, set up a group chat and hype each other up. It’ll heighten your excitement and bring the gang together emotionally before you’ve even arrived. It’ll also be super convenient for communicating while you’re traveling. While you’re at it, create a shared album and upload your pics throughout the trip.

Need some inspiration for your next big gaycation? Check out videos from my own group trips to Provincetown and Marfa, TX.

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