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Queer Music Club: “Latinoamericana” by Álex Anwandter

Who: Álex Anwandter – A Chilean singer-songwriter and filmmaker

Album: Latinoamericana

What’s it like: A throwback to 90s and 80s era dance club pop infused with plenty of plays on gender and political commentary.

Standouts: Locura, Vanidad, Axis Mundi, Odio a Todo el Mundo

Lyrics for your Instagram captions:

“Quiero pasar el tiempo

Con alguien que me aguante”

– Axis Mundi

“No te da vergüenza

En qué te convertiste”

– Malinche

“El mundo se va a la mierda

Y no he hecho nada”

– Locura

“El mundo se va a la mierda

Y no sabes si te toca a ti”

– Locura

“Tienes ritmo en el corazón

Pero te falta lo demás”

– Locura

Where you’re most likely to hear it: NPR world music showcases

Why you should listen to it: You’ll come for the dance pop and stay for the political musings and social commentary. While the focus is on current events and popular culture in Latin American countries, there’s plenty of overlap with the state of our own country. There’s also plenty of takedowns of toxic masculinity, vanity, and gender roles.

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