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Lip Sync Contest

Lip Sync Contest

It should come as no surprise that I love putting on a performance. When my work place decided to hold a lip sync video competition, I jumped at the chance to star in my own music video. Originally, I wanted a roof top party with multiple people lip synching to Madonna’s “Holiday.” Of course that would take too much coordination. I needed to create something exciting that would be much easier to put together. The result was a video of myself dancing and lip synching in front of a white background. Very simple and sort of in an 80s style. That way it’s fun and funny, right?

To win a competition like this, obviously I need something that will appeal to a broad audience. I chose Kylie Minogue’s “I Was Gonna Cancel” because it’s one of my favorite songs on her new album but it’s upbeat and the message is pretty positive so I felt like it was a good bet. Plus, I had some dance moves I’ve been doing in the car.

To give the video a little more pop, I decided to make it in faux 3-D. I’ve been obsessed with this style for a while, so it was fun to make a video like that. Although, I showed an early cut to some friends and I joked they could watch it without 3-D glasses and a few seemed confused wondering why it was blurry. Womp womp. I tightened up the 3-D outline a bit, making it less subtle but less “blurry.”

I know, you’re probably thinking that I’ve got this in the bag. The contest isn’t over yet, so we’ll see how well I do. Wish me luck!

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