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Memories for the Home

I read an blog post on Apartment Therapy about memorializing your loved ones in your home. Being an ambitious gay man, I’ve been busy flipping the house I purchased almost four years ago and I’m constantly looking for ways to incorporate my history into the house’s design aesthetic. Last summer, I managed to pry a small side table from my mother. It was part of a set that had been night stands in my grandparents’ bed room at one time. When I was growing up, I remember seeing one being used at a night stand and the other next my grandfather’s chair in the living room. This is where he kept his beer.

My mother had recently taken it and was using it on her patio. Needless to say, the table was quite worn and needed some love.


I sanded it down lightly and gave it a coat of primer.


Then, I had the boyfriend finish off the paint job and add some yellow highlights to the legs.


The table now sits in my hallway.


A few months ago, my grandmother passed away. I had always loved the light switch plates in 2 of her bedrooms and so I brought them to my house. They have a bright floral design and I set them up in my hallway, as well.


In a small way I’m able to have visual reminders of my grandparents and both items really add to the character of my home, garnering plenty of compliments from my friends.

As with art work, I think it’s important for every gay man to have a home decorated with unique and expressive furniture pieces. Do you have any items in your home that represent a piece of your history?

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