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Mexico City Travel Guide

I’ve dreamed of visiting Mexico City since I was a kid and it blows my mind that I’ve waited so long to make a trip there. MXCD is the perfect weekend trip. From Austin it was a quick 90 minute flight and a 3 night trip won’t even make a dent in your wallet. It’s got tons of museums, art, and is the right mix of glamor and grit. Here’s everything you need to know to have a gay old time.


All the cool kids are staying in La Condesa, Roma Norte, or Roma Sur. I stayed in a trendy apartment between Condesa and Roma Norte. It was the perfect spot close to shops, restaurants, and parks.


Veguisima – This was the first restaurant we hit when we arrived in the city. We set out to explore and stumbled upon this tiny spot. I was halfway through my tostada before I realized everything we ordered was vegan.

Bravo Loncheria – I had plenty of amazing meals in Mexico but this was by far my favorite. When my chorizo chicken sandwich arrived, I was confused about how to eat it without utensils. It was so messy with chorizo spilling out. The server pointed to the box of plastic gloves on the table. It made for adventurous meal. I also fell in love with the soundtrack of classic American hits covered in Spanish.

Lalo – If you’ve done any research, Lalo is already on your list of restaurants. It’s super trendy and full of Americans. Their Instagram-worthy mural doesn’t hurt either. Expect a wait since most seating is at a long communal table or small bistro tables along the wall.

Azul Historico – This restaurant is all outdoor in a cool courtyard surrounded by shops. The menu features cuisine from Veracruz and is the perfect lunch spot if you’re out in the downtown area.


Hanky Panky Bar – Hanky Panky Bar is definitely one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. This is a true speakeasy with a secret location. To get in, make a reservation by messaging the bar on Facebook. They’ll give you some general location information and it’s up to you to find the exact spot. #NoSpoilers but we exited the bar through a fridge.

La Nuclear – This is a boisterous dive bar that serves pulque. Pulque is a creamy alcoholic drink made from the maguey plant and comes in a few different flavors. We tried piñon and piña colada. You should definitely stop in for one.

Cabaretito Fusion – When we set out for the gay bars, I was adamant that we go to a cumbia club. I grew up dancing cumbia and seeing gay couples dancing cumbia was a dream to me. There are two main rooms here, the smaller front room plays cumbia while the larger back room plays top 40 hits. If you want to fit in, most people are drinking 40s of Indio or a cocktail in a large styrofoam cup with red sauce on the rim (maybe chamoy?). Entrance is 70 pesos and comes with one beer ticket.

Tom’s Leather Bar – I hope it’s no secret that I love goth. Tom’s was described on many blogs as actually a gay goth bar and not your typical leather bar. You can’t even imagine how much this thrilled me. I built a whole night of bar hopping around getting to Tom’s at what I estimated would be the busiest. Little did I know, it’s just a leather bar. Like really a leather bar. About 75% of the space is dark room. Entry is 185 pesos and comes with 2 drink tickets.

Kinky Bar – We were about to call it a night when we decided to hit one last bar. Kinky Bar is definitely more like your typical gay bar and probably my favorite. There are two floors with the first being split between karaoke rooms and a dance floor with more traditional Mexican music. The second floor plays standard dance music and top 40 hits. Oh, and expect some of the most beautiful bartenders you’ve ever seen. Entry is 60 pesos but sadly comes with no drinks.  


Historical Sites – El Palacio Nacional, Templo Mayor, Zocalo, Catedral Metropolitana – These sites are all essentially in the same block. I highly recommend Templo Mayor and the palace. Get there as early as you can. We arrived before noon and had no problem getting in but leaving was like being in a herd of cattle.

Teotihuacan – Take a nice day trip to climb some pyramids. You can take the subway to the Autobuses del Norte station and be there in about an hour. It’s pretty fun and you can see all of the pyramids plus the museum in about 3 hours.

Museo Jumex – There are so many museums in Mexico City that it’s impossible to see them all in one weekend. We stopped into the Jumex collection because it’s slightly on the smaller side and was easy to squeeze into our day.

Biblioteca Vasconcelos – This library is one of the most Instagrammable places I’ve ever been. We popped in for a quick walk around and took a few photos but you might like to wander upstairs and read for a bit.

I’ve already got flight alerts set up so I can make a quick getaway to Mexico City any weekend.

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