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Palm Prints d’Or

Palm Prints D'Or

One of the my favorite things to do during the summer is picnic at Cinema East screenings. There’s nothing better than laying out with a bottle of wine, some friends, and a giant outdoor movie screen. I’m so happy to hear the film series won Austin Chronicle’s 2015 award for Best Non-Theatre Film Venue. They definitely deserve it.

If you’re unfamiliar with the program, every sumer Cinema East plays independent films fresh off the festival circuit at the French Legation. Usually a Q&A session with the filmmakers follows the screening.

I really appreciate how they take films that people outside of film festivals are rarely exposed to and make them available to the masses for half the price of a normal movie ticket.

This past summer, one of my favorite screenings was Naz & Maalik, which followed two gay black muslim teens around New York City. It was refreshing to see a queer film about a community that’s typically overlooked.

Not only has Cinema East given me some great summer evenings, they’ve also enriched my wardrobe with this amazing graphic tee. It’s quickly become one of my favorites – which says a lot considering there are only a handful of graphic tees I even wear. I really believe your personal style should not only be a reflection of who you are, but a reflection of the things you love. Aside from being super cute, when people ask about the shirt I get to talk to about some of my favorite things: art films, summer nights, and style.

So again, congratulations to Cinema East and I can’t wait to see the film line-up they put out next year.


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