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2014 in Review

Please forgive me for being late with this. In fact if you know me, you know lateness is par for the course. The new year hasn’t even aged a week, so I think we can all agree I’m basically on time. As I get older, it seems the years pass quicker and memories blend together. A year ago, I vowed to do a lot of things I have to admit I didn’t do. And I didn’t write those down so no one can hold me responsible.

Let’s focus on the positive. I vowed to travel more, enjoy the single life, read more, and work on more passion projects.


When I sit and think of how many beautiful places exist on the planet, it overwhelms and depresses me to know that I may only be able to experience a small fraction. Every year I try to map out as much travel as is logistically possible, and here’s what I did in 2014:

It’s been great experiencing so many different places and learning more about myself along the way.


At this time last year, I was struggling to get over a break up and I made a promise to myself that I’d take more “me” time. I’ll admit, it’s much easier to get over someone when you just replace them with someone else. But in the end, I didn’t want to look back and realize I’d spent so much of my time sifting through the dating pool. While I did go on a few dates and had a summer relationship, my love life was very much on the back burner this year.


Getting older makes me feel like I’m getting dumber. Reading more is always on my agenda. I started the year by reading I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. Then, although it took me longer than I expected, I read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night. I know, I’m ashamed by the number of books I read, too.

Passion Projects

Every year I promise myself to bring the creative ideas in my head to fruition. It’s rare that I’m actually able to make good on those promises. I didn’t make any major gains on passion projects in 2014, but I did lay some groundwork for 2015. That’s kind of like accomplishing my goals, right?  I’ll have some big things going on very soon.

So there you have my year in review. It’s kind of like a diary entry but what’s a blog if not a diary featuring ads and sponsored posts? Here’s to 2015, and check back to hear all about my plans for the new year.

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