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Queer Music Club: Kim Petras

Who: Kim Petras

What’s it like: Sticky sweet bubblegum pop sometimes edgy but always in a youthful haze.

Standouts: Heart to Break, Hills, Hillside Boys

Lyrics for your Instagram captions:

I want all my clothes designer

I want someone else to buy them

– I Don’t Want It At All

If you buy me diamonds

And you keep me smiling

Baby, I can be with you

I Don’t Want It At All

Hillside boys you call my name

You make my heart sparkle like champagne

-Hillside Boys

All my exes want attention, I ain’t payin’ it


Where you’re most likely to hear it:  Slumber parties, Forever 21, gay beach parties

Why you should listen to it: Aside from being good fun, Kim is a trans artist who’s ready for mainstream pop listeners. If you’re on the wrong side of 25, you might feel a little old, but a few bops in and you’ll forget all about the age difference.

Here’s Kim Petras covering the Killers’ Human at SXSW 2018:

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