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Queer Music Club: TWINKIDS

Who: TWINKIDS – A queerpop duo from LA.

Album: Boys Love

What’s it like: The duo’s debut EP features pop songs sticky with synths and vulnerable lyrics revealing a longing to be loved.

Standouts: Overdressed, Body Wonder, Love Story Wa Totsuzenni

Lyrics for your Instagram captions:

“Fell in love and it comes with a price
All your loving, it distracts me”

– Overdressed

“You leave me with a smile on your face
You’re dressed up for me
Always talking me to stay”
– Overdressed

“Feeling winter in my summer skin”

– Dreamer

Where you’re most likely to hear it: NPR, on the soundtrack of an art house film, Urban Outfitters

Why you should listen to it: It’s pure and poetic pop music with a queer sensibility. While the EP’s themes reflect a coming-of-age moment, everyone can surely connect with the reflections on queer romance from longing to lust.

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