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The Gayest Sci Fi Movies In The Universe

Science Fiction often offers a fantastical view of our own world. Presenting taboo themes in ways that mainstream culture can understand. It’s no surprise that the struggles of minority groups, especially queer people, can appear in so many science fiction stories. So in honor of Science Fiction Day, I decided to compile a living list of some queer-themed sci-fi flicks. Some of these I’ve seen and some I’ve yet to experience, so I’ll keep you updated as I check these off the list.


Synopsis: 8 strangers discover they share a special psychic connection that lets them share experiences and skills. They soon discover their kind are the target of a sinister research group.

Why you should watch it: If you’ve been living under a heterosexual rock, you’ll have missed this Netflix series by the Wachowskis (the final season is a feature length movie). The series has gained gay buzz for its numerous pansexual orgy scenes, gay romances, and its trans lead character. But you should also watch because it’s instantly bingeable.

Where you can see it: Netflix

Bloody Mallory

Synopsis: With a strikeforce of misfits, including a drag queen, the titular heroin must take on an army of undead monsters to rescue the pope.  

Why you should watch it:

Where you can see it: YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google Play

Space Station 76

Synopsis: In a 1970s version of the future, the closeted gay commander of a space station clashes with his new second-in-command.

Why you should watch it:

Where you can see it: Amazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play

V for Vendetta

Synopsis: In a dystopian future, London is under fascist rule. A masked vigilante, V, enlists the help of a young woman to overthrow the government.

Why you should watch it: The film deals with homophobia and homosexual persecution by the fascist tyrannical government. In these trying times, the film’s themes are as important as ever.

Where you can see it: Netflix

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