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Silicon Hills Style

Silicon Hills Style

As some of you may know, I have a real day job. Like many Austinites, I work at a tech company. I’m sure that conjures up images of a playground-like workplace and casual dress codes involving shorts and flip flops. And you’re kind of right.

Years ago my life was much different and I worked at a Gap store. Retail can be a nightmare but I got to hang out with people I loved and talk fashion and style with customers every day. One day I came into work wearing something like this outfit: A short sleeved plaid shirt, slim khakis, and loafers. One of my Gap friends laughed and said I looked like an IT guy.

Which brings me back to modern day. I often find myself wearing that exact outfit and wondering if looking like an IT guy is such a bad thing. These days short sleeved button downs are a staple of hipster style and not just Office Space cubicle farms.

In any case, here’s my take on Silicon Hills Style where hipster Austin meets the technology boom. Want to give my style a thumbs up? There’s still time to vote for me to win CultureMap Austin’s Stylemaker Award!

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