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A Look Back at SXSW 2014

the 1975 performing at SXSW

It ’s unbelievable that it has now been ten years since my very first South By Southwest festival! My first year was amazing, full of shows, and run ins with musicians I adored as a 19 year old. The rest of my college years, I missed the festival to go on spring break trips (pfft, amiright?) and I barely took part in a few after that. For the last four years, I’ve sunk my teeth in fully and it’s really become my favorite time of the year in Austin.

Times have definitely changed since that festival in 2004 when I was almost able to see a different band in a different bar every hour each night. Yeah, I know, crazy. This year, most venues filled up quickly, which meant choosing the bands I was most excited about and parking it at their showcase for the night. Slowing down was great though. I got to socialize more with friends and take advantage of free drinks and food. Oh and free stuff. So much free stuff. I have t-shirts, sunglasses, bottles of lotion, and things I abandoned before the night was over. Still, I had an amazing time and I’m both sad to see it’s over but happy to finally have a chance to recharge.

I’ll be doing some more posts on some of my favorite bands with photos and videos but until then, here’s a nice little Instagram look back at my week.

Things kicked off with a party on a 26th floor balcony.

This is what the view from the 26th floor looks like.

My first show of the week was MS MR.

I was all up in Kelis’ face for her late night show where she ended with an a cappella version of “Acapella.” Then I was all up in Kelis’ amazing southern food.

The last show of my week was a crazy energetic set by Miami Horror.

Delirious from a week of non-stop shows and partying, I rode a rental bike through the streets of downtown Austin and tried to sleep for a week.

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