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How to Pack a SXSW Survival Bag

SXSW is fully underway with film and interactive. While the Interactive portion does have the best parties, I’m actually skipping it this year to attend a wedding out of town. It’s bittersweet because I have severe FOMO but I’m really honored to be invited to share this moment with some friends I haven’t spent much time with recently.

Anyway, this weekend gives me plenty of time to prepare myself for the onslaught of the music portion, y’know my most favorite thing ever. I’m a total beast with a spreadsheet of parties and showcases loaded up on my phone and a backpack filled with everything I’ll need to keep me going. If you want to know how I do it, here’s  look into my bag.

Sweater – Spring time in Texas is totally unpredictable. You’ll set out early when the sun is blazing and end the night in fifty degree temperatures. Always pack a sweater warm enough to keep you comfy but light enough not to weigh you down.

Sunscreen – Did I mention the sun is blazing? It’s better not to end the week with tan lines across your face from your swag sunglasses.

Quest Bar – Get your proteins up! Sure, you’ll be eating plenty of free junk food, but your body will need some decent nourishment at some point. Pack a couple of protein bars or even a ziploc bag of fresh veggies. You’ll feel so much better about yourself.

Ear plugs – I get lots of looks for sticking ear plugs in but honestly IDGAF. I attend far too many live shows and I’d like to still be able to hear when I’m 75.

Phone charger – Hello, the point of this festival is to Gram it Tweet it Face it Grind it. You’ll to charge up every chance you get to avoid being stranded with a useless brick.

Phone – Duh. Did you think I was gonna leave this off the list? Like I said with the last item, you’ve gotta be all over the social networks to find out where the best party/secret shows/free kittens are.

So there you have it. It’s pretty simple but you’d be surprised how many people don’t properly pack a their bag for SX. Also, take notice I didn’t list a water bottle. Girl, you cannot bring your water bottle into the bar. You’re holding up the line and everybody hates you.

Have a great South By and be sure to follow me on Instagram to see what I’m doing this week!

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