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The Prodigal Son Returns

Gays and ConfusedHello gays,

I’ve been gone a while. I apologize and I’ll never do it again. Or at least I’ll try not to do it again. It’s been a busy summer.

Let me explain myself. Aside from the 9-5 and the usual side/house projects and my compulsive obsessions, I also started some freelance work on a website about local eateries and shops. It’s kept me busy writing and dining out almost daily. That last part is just terrible, I know. In addition to that, my boyfriend and I recently broke up and we all know the various stages the gay man must go through to return to the world of the cruising. Ugly crying while eating/driving/showering, hours lost scrolling through torsos on Grindr/Scruff/Jackd before becoming disillusioned, dancing to disco while resolving to be a stronger woman, and then drag. It always ends in drag.

Enough about that, I’ve also been trying to come up with a way to retool this blog to bring more entertaining content and return to the original reason I started Gays an Confused. Initially this was to be a webseries about my attempts to become a power gay. I’ll be pushing that theme much more and most likely will lose the cocktail and food recipes I’ve been spending most of my time on. I thought it’d be fun, but let’s be honest, I’m a terrible cook and I have no interest in preparing my own food and it was a struggle to do that for this blog. I’ll keep the monthly playlists because that’s actually very fun for me.

The site’s also going to get a slight redesign to make it more user friendly and easier to access all the new content.

Things are gonna get better. I promise.


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