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Why the Gays Should Care: Jetta

Jetta performing at SXSW

If you haven’t picked up on the trend of my SXSW week, I adore female musicians. Especially when they’re cute or quirky. Which is why I’m also talking about Jetta. I had seen her name in several places in the months leading up to SXSW but never actually heard any of her songs. Then during a drive with my older sister, she played “Feels Like Coming Home.”

I was instantly in love and wanted more and fired up to see her at SX. Also, my sister’s not obsessive about music like I am. She’s not obsessive at all, but that’s another topic. I was totally impressed that she had actually discovered Jetta before me. She also introduced me to Lady Gaga back in 2008, which was was so weird and then I forced it on all my gays who were like, “Ewww who is this trainwreck?” And then 2 seconds later they were like “OMG ‘Pokerface’ is like the best song on the radio!” Again, I digress.

Aside from being adorable, Jetta packs some really powerful vocals and I love how her songs have a nice R&B/rock mix to them. Also, I met an older gay man in line for another show and he told me Jetta was the best he’d seen all week and that she was going to blow up into a diva. He gushed about how beautiful and talented she was. And this queen has been around the block. He knows his divas. I’m sold.

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