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Why the Gays Should Care: Miami Horror

Miami Horror Club performing at SXSW

As the week comes to a close, I bring you one more pop band that can make you dance. Miami Horror closed out the week with probably the most energetic show I’ve ever witnessed. They’d played multiple shows that day and their voices were completely blown. Their energy and enthusiasm more than made up for it.

Since they’re from Australia, it’s hard for me to get a clear gay vibe from anyone in this band. In any case, they have a real flair for theatrics and poking fun at sexuality. The lead singer made phallic motions with his guitar several times that were hilarious and somehow hot at the same time. He also climbed up some stacked amps and swung from the rafters. I was thoroughly impressed and having a great time watching the show.

Their album is full of great songs that you can both dance and relax to. Go out and listen and tell me you love it.

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