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Why the Gays Should Care: MS MR

Posing with MS MR at SXSW

My boyfriend has been full on obsessed with MS MR for about a year now. Their EP Candy Bar Creep Show has been playing on repeat at our house in preparation for their SXSW shows. I like to know all the words when I see a band live. While their music may be dark and a little brooding, it’s still danceable. At least I dance to it. Anyway, it’s a good idea to stretch your musical tastes and listen to things that aren’t stereotypically gay. You’ll be surprised what kind of impact that has on your day to day life. #inspiration

I was lucky enough to catch their show at Lambert’s yesterday and meet the duo, Max and Lizzy. Their performance was fantastic and they are so adorable to watch. It’s just like watching besties having fun.

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