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Why the Gays Should Care: Sky Ferreira

I had been really looking forward to seeing Sky Ferreira this week and then I started seeing posts on Facebook about how bad her performances were. This didn’t deter me. If Sky’s show was gonna be a train wreck, I wanted to see it firsthand.

I made sure to get to her show at Red Eyed Fly early so I wouldn’t miss a thing. When she got on stage, she apologized, saying she had lost her voice the day before but she was gonna try her best. Let me first say, I did enjoy the show. It was really fun and Sky is so cute. But let’s be honest, she did not want to be there. I’m not entirely sure she was “sick” like she says she was sick. I mean, Lindsay Lohan used to call in sick all the time, right? She mostly pouted and rolled her eyes during the entire thing. I read an interview in Details magazine that pretty much set my expectations for that.

As she was walking out, I ran up to her and asked to take a picture and she was like, “Uhm, sure…” Which was nice enough. I joked, “Thanks. I know you’re like, ‘Look. I just wanna get the eff outta here.’” And she rolled her eyes at me. Fair enough.

As gay men, we have a long history of adoration for the talented and tragic. It’s possible that Sky fits that bill. We should all get on board now. I’ve still got a list of other acts I’m trying to see, but I’d love to squeeze in another one of her shows just for comparison purposes.

Check out this video I shot and let me know what you think of her performance.

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