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Why the Gays Should Care: Solange

I’m so excited about the music part of SXSW and I’ve decided to put together a little series this week about why you (gay men) should be excited about some acts performing this year.



Now, everyone knows I love me some Beyoncé but little sister Solange gets overlooked, sadly. I was a huge fan of her album SoL-Angel and The Hadley Street Dreams and I cannot get enough of “Would’ve Been the One.”
But the gays should care about Solange for more reasons than her relationship to the throne. Let’s be honest, she’s way more real than Bey.
If you were to call up Beyoncé and invite her over for some Domino’s and Lone Star, she’d  be like “I’m sorry, what’s that?” Solange would be down to shotgun that beer.
And while Beyoncé was practicing two step routines with Kelly and Michelle in hideous matching outfits, Solange was making out with boys in back seats and probably underage drinking.
She has way more interesting stories to tell and her music proves it. Not to mention, she’s still just as fabulous as the Queen.
Check BuzzFeed’s post on 15 Things Solange Does Better Than Beyoncé if you’re not convinced.

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