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Granada Travel Guide

Granada Travel Guide

Granada was one of my favorite places on this trip. We made a quick stop there since it’s on the smaller side. While I’d love to spend more time relaxing here, you can definitely see the entire town in 24 hours.

Granada Travel Guide | Gays and Confused


We stayed in the Albayzín neighborhood, one of the oldest areas of town, in an apartment with amazing views of the Alhambra. Pebble paths wind through buildings and reveal cafes and shops. It’s tough to lug your suitcase through but makes for a charming walk.

Granada Travel Guide | Gays and Confused


Kebab King – Pretty sure this is a chain I’ve seen internationally, but we were starving after an afternoon of hiking around. Our priority was getting fed quickly and this place actually had great reviews.

Omka-Kool – Granada is an amazing mix of Arabic and Spanish cultures and I was eager to see that combination in food. Venture slightly off the beaten path for Moroccan style tapas.


Although Granada is on the smaller size, there are a few gay bars to check out.

Tic Tac – On the smaller side but worth a visit for a drink.

El Balcón de la Luna – This is the bigger gay bar with two levels.

Six Colours – This was probably my favorite in Granada. It’s on the smaller side but seemed to have a younger and more diverse clientele than the others.

Granada Travel Guide | Gays and Confused


Wander around the marketplace in Albayzín for great leather goods, textiles, and ceramics. I came home with several dishes, bowls, and my favorite new picnic blanket.

Granada Travel Guide | Gays and Confused


The Alhambra – Our first stop in Granada and probably what I was most excited about on this trip. The palace grounds are huge. We were lucky to be staying nearby and walked there, but be warned you’ll be walking a lot. There are several lush gardens and palace buildings with gorgeous tile and fountains. You might recognize a few spots if you watch Game of Thrones.


You’ll have to get your tickets in advance.

Granada Travel Guide | Gays and Confused

Hammam – Aside from the Alhambra, we had booked a spa night at the Hammam that I had been looking forward to for weeks. While the spa has several pools to soak in, the best part is the Ándalus Ritual – you’re lightly massaged and bathed in scented oils. It’s literally all I could talk about for weeks.

Granada Travel Guide | Gays and Confused

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